Primer of Happiness 3 - Adult to Kids, Kids to world

Primer of Happiness 3
Adult to Kids, Kids to world

Adults to kids, kids to the world

AutorBaričák Hirax Pavel
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Rok vydania2016
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The third part of the Primer of happiness is not intended only for parents that are looking for a way, with what form to give their descendants the best, but also for souls that want to understand why there are fears in them, why they act the way they act, or they are not successful in something. The key to life pains is located in their childhood. In the way how we were approached, what we saw, feel, experience and absorb in ourselves from the moment of procreation until growing up.

“He who teaches, he learns. Let´s thank for children, they are not a mater of course but a gift. They came to heal us and show us where we have in­ ammation.“


I was tucking in the shirt of my three years old Sára Ráchel and I told her: “So your small of the back would not get cold…” She looked at me and she said:

“Daddy, I do not have small of the back there, I have wings there.”


You cannot give a child something, that is not in you. – Constant criticizing is the confession of how discontent you are with yourselves, as well as shouting is the expression of your inner pain and helplessness. – A child’s soul is like savana. One sentence is enough to set it on ­ re. – You cannot force children to take on your values. They will take only what they will need in their life mission. – Do not do anything on child´s

behalf, that the child can do itself. You will weaken the child. – Every kid has a powerful Self and the more you will try to break it the longer the child will look for itself as an adult. – The children resonate with what is happening in parents. – Your children do not have to follow in your footsteps and how your parents will end, is their decision. You only have to try to support them.



What is in our parents, that is who we are. If we do not clean ourselves from negative clan´s debts, our kids will take it on. Unsolved wrong programs and energy taking models of behaviour will get stuck on them. There is no kid that would not be born wise, perceptive, joyful, full of energy, intuitive, nonstop living in the present moment, unchained, happy, godly, so with the characteristics of enlightened people. But if you ask me when I met a permanently happy adult the last time, I will think for a long time… So I take the education of kids as mutual learning – to be inspired by kids to the comeback to Self, own spontaneity, heart that is the connection with Love. On the other side the education of children is for me an e­ ort to load kids with unconditional love and set them boundaries with respect towards them, without superior approach, so in

the adulthood they will feel and perceive the needs of others. Simply give them the best from myself.